Hazelnut Paste - Praliné 1:1 Light

Praliné Light is a delicious light hazelnut paste, ideal for bonbons and other chocolate specialities. Light in colour and notes of dark roasted hazelnuts. With non-hydrogenated fats. A basis for chocolate truffles and other chocolate creations. For flavouring and colouring ice creams, creams and desserts.

Key features

  • Ассортимент
  • Сертификаты
    • KD
    • Halal
  • Происхождение
    Produced In Ch


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  • PRN-HA561LI11-Z76
    6kg Pail
    Shelf life: 12 months
    Certifications: KD , Halal
  • PRN-HA561LI11-Z69
    Shelf life: na