Enjoy the plant-based balance
of Van Houten Oat Hot Cocoa

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Enjoy the plant-based balance
of Van Houten Oat Hot Cocoa

Looking to offer your customers a plant-based and completely vegan hot chocolate, straight out of your vending machine? Van Houten Oat Hot Cocoa is here to help you out. Discover a mild and balanced oat drink that’s sustainable and less sweet.
Plant-based hot cocoa is here
Treat yourself to the divine taste of Van Houten Oat Cocoa Drink Powder for vending. Discover a plant-based cocoa drink that’s dark, mild and balanced in taste. It’s Cocoa Horizons certified and vegan. This is a cocoa drink that’s good for you, good for your customers and good for the planet.

What makes Oat Hot Cocoa so unique?

-Plant based


-Supports cocoa horizons

-With excellent machine functionality

-19% cocoa


-Better for the planet

VH-Oat Cocoa Drink Powder

Why go plant-based?

Research shows that plant-based is one of the biggest trends of the last few years. Your customers are increasingly looking for drinks that are healthier and have a lower environmental footprint. More than half of consumers believe every brand should have a plant-based option. Are you already offering one?

Discover oat and cocoa drink powder by Van Houten

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