Caprimo Topping Creamer

Caprimo Topping Creamer boasts a deliciously creamy mix of skimmed milk, lactose and non-dairy. It has a very smooth froth, velvety mouthfeel and sweeter aftertaste that will satisfy even the most demanding coffee, tea and hot chocolate lovers. Top off any drink with its foamy texture and lovely rounded edges

Key features

Sensory Profile

  • 달콤함 333
  • whiteness 555555
  • foam 44444


  • 사용량
    Coffee with milk, 150ml; 4-6 g
    Cappuccino; 8-10 g
    Caffé Latte, 150 ml: 10-12 g


제품 SKU

Order codes
  • VM-52305-V46
    750g Bag | 10 Bags/Carton
    Shelf life: 18 months