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Want to know the impact of your chocolate on the climate? Calculate its carbon footprint here by using some standard recipes or entering the data for your own recipe.
This Product Carbon Footprint Calculator is intended to give you an initial understanding of the CO2e impact of the recipes you may be considering.

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This Product Carbon Footprint Calculator is based on a detailed Corporate and Product Carbon Footprint analysis elaborated and periodically updated for Barry Callebaut since 2016. It is built on the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) guideline of the European Commission, the GHG Protocol methodology and a cocoa specific version of the “Accounting for Natural Climate Solutions Guidance”. The system boundaries are “cradle to gate” for industrial chocolate. Important data sources are cocoa specific measurements of deforestation in the main sourcing countries, the World Food LCA database, operational data of Barry Callebaut, and the database Ecoinvent.