Caramel fillings

Today’s consumers seek for indulgent and premium experiences that include Caramel. An ideal way to include it in your creations is as a luscious filling! Confectionery, Bakery & Pastry, Ice Cream or Dairy - we have unique caramel fillings to fit your needs.

Customizable caramel recipes

Caramel is the third most popular sweet flavor among consumers’ preferences. To support you in making splendid caramel creations, Barry Callebaut offers its Caramel Mother Recipes

  • Water-based fillings with specific textures and flavors
  • Selected and customized in relation to workability and flavor, according to your desired application.
  • Caramel fillings especially for confectionery, bakery & pastry, ice cream and dairy 

Our Caramel Mother Recipes distinguish themselves from others because they consists of caramels that vary in flavor, texture and color, perfect for creating a unique caramel filling.


Caramel Filling
Chocolate truffles with silky caramel filling
Chocolate truffles with silky caramel filling

Caramel confectionery fillings

Caramel confectionery fillings can be used for technologies such as molding or one-shot. Each of these recipes naturally presents different taste profiles and rheology behavior to best adapt to your specific needs!

Design a specific customer experience:

  1. Choose among a short, medium or long tailing water-based caramel, to please the senses of your customers;
  2. Choose the flavor profile of your desire: whether it is a classic caramel filling, butter toffee or salted caramel, at Barry Callebaut we have them all.
Caramel medium tailing
Choux pastry with soft caramel filling
Choux pastry with soft caramel filling

Caramel fillings for bakery and pastry

Caramel fillings developed for bakery and pastry can be used for injection and one-shot technologies, as well as for spreading. This range contains both, bake stable and non bake stable recipes, to perfectly fit your application requests. 

Caramel short tailing
Smooth caramel filling as center of ice cream cones
Smooth caramel filling as center of ice cream cones

Caramel ice cream filling

Make of your ice cream a delicious taste experience by adding caramel in your favorite way: as a soft, fast melting swirl or pencil, as a thick, sticky core, or as an interlayer.

Premium caramel fillings recipes

Delight your caramel lovers with a luxurious experience by adding our premium caramel fillings to your creations: our range of caramels consists of a wide palette of colors, flavors and textures: from the lightest to the darkest, from classic caramel flavor to salted caramel, from fat-based to water-based recipe with different tailing and spreading properties.

  • Carmamella

    Intense caramel filling with a smooth texture.

  • Cara Crakine

    A milk chocolate filling with caramel and crunchy biscuit pieces.

    • Melting profile
    • Texture
    • Vegetable fat
      Non Hydro & No Palm
  • Tintoretto Caramel

    Delicate aeratable caramel filling.

    • Melting profile
    • Texture
    • Vegetable fat
      Non Hydro & Palm