Plant Craft Pop-Up Store

Plant Craft Pop-Up Store

What can you find in the pop-up store?

60 unique plant-based treats made with Barry Callebaut’s plant craft ingredients in 5 segments:

  • Confectionery 
  • Bakery & Pastry
  • Biscuits
  • Ice Cream
  • Drinks
Baked Pecan Donuts Plant-Based
Bakery & Pastry
Baked Pecan Donuts
Confectionery & Biscuits
Confectionery & Biscuits
Cozy Winter (Left) Almond Cookie (Right)
Ice Cream & Drinks
Ice Cream & Drinks
Avocado Lemon (Left) Caramel Drink (Right)

Get to know the Chefs behind the creations

17 chefs from across the globe have unleashed their artistry and created these plant-based delicacies. They have successfully veganised a number of confectionery, pastry, ice cream and drink recipes to become a part of the plant-based revolution. 

From Chocolate Academy™ chefs to Beverage Specialists and Ice Cream Masters, these chefs are here to take plant-based indulgence to the next level. 



Ciro Fraddano, Gelato Chef

Want to learn more about plant-based claims?

Plant-based claims

Understand the difference between vegan, dairy free and other plant-based claims through our guide. 

  • Get to know which claims are most relevant for consumers
  • What is precautionary allergen labelling
  • 6 different claims to consider when launching your own plant-based products