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Caramel Doré

Discover the mellow and deeply satisfying Caramel Doré, our premium Belgian caramelized chocolate. Combining chocolate creaminess and deep rich caramel flavors, Caramel Doré will surprise you with a tantalizing golden color and hints of biscuit and salt. Indulge in a divine caramel experience!

Flan Caramel

A light, pale golden colored caramel flavored chocolate with a creamy mouthfeel and an elegant sweet caramel taste and notes of vanilla.

Caramel Doré for Ice Cream

A premium chocolate with a mellow, deeply satisfying caramel creaminess and deep rich caramel flavors and a tantalizing golden color

Caramel Chocolate for Ice Cream

An elegant, sweet caramel chocolate with notes of vanilla.

Toffee Caramel

Intense salted caramel chocolate with cocoa notes. A light brownish, latte color, and a smooth milky mouthfeel. 

Swiss Gold Chocolate

Swiss Gold Chocolate, natural caramel chocolate with creamy caramel notes.  The caramel chocolate made with the same premium quality standards as all swiss chocolates is perfect to premiumize your innovation. By using tender swiss milk from the alpine pastures and using a special conching program for the caramelized milk this product is the ultimate indulgence.


Caramel Chips XS

Extra small caramel non-vibrated chocolate chips.

Candy Caramel Filling

Sweet caramel with notes of vanilla and condensed milk.

Awesome Caramel Filling For Confectionery
Caramel filling for confectionery applications. Perfect ready-to-use texture.
Candy Bar Caramel Filling

A medium-dark golden brown candy bar filling.

Ripple Natural Caramel

A golden brown natural caramel ripple with indulgent burnt and sweet notes.

Salted Caramel Filling

Sweet & salty caramel filling with notes of toffee, butter and subtle malt.

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