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Vegan and Dairy-free!
Plant-based products are making their way into the treat aisles. With Barry Callebaut’s new Plant Craft range of vegan and dairy-free products, make your plant-based creations truly indulgent.

Our Plant Craft range

The next generation of consumers is looking for experiences that are tasty, good for them and good for the planet. With that in mind, we aim to accompany the industry in this plant-based revolution. With more than 175 years of experience in mastering chocolate, creating indulgent experiences is at the heart of what we do. We now offer Plant Craft, our range of delicious vegan and dairy-free chocolates, cocoa, nuts, fillings, and decorations.

Vegan chocolate snack bars
Vegan chocolate snack bars

Vegan / Dairy-free Chocolate

Dairy-free chocolate coins
Dairy-free chocolate coins

We offer a wide range of dark chocolates suitable for vegans for any applications, from baking to spraying, as well as chips & chunks.

We also offer specialty chocolates suitable for vegans:

M_lk chocolate

We also developed a new dairy-free M_lk chocolate, with the typical creaminess and flavor that consumers love about milk chocolate, plant-based. Made from an ingredient from natural origin, exclusively available to Barry Callebaut.

We’re building up our dairy-free capabilities towards 2021, stay tuned!

Vegan / Dairy-Free nuts

Ice cream made with caramelized macadamia paste and pieces
Macadamia-based ice cream
Made with caramelized macadamia pieces and based on pure macadamia paste. Deliciously plant-based!

We source the best nuts and treat them with Mediterranean nuts craft to provide the best that nuts have to offer. Before being delicately roasted and caramelized by hand, we crack nuts right before roasting them to preserve their authentic flavors, only to be unleashed in your creations.

Vegan / Dairy-free Cocoa products

After 180 years of passion and dedication, our iconic brand Bensdorp is now considered a true master of Truly Refined Cocoa Powder. Bensdorp covers the broadest range of color and flavor in a unique sensory experience. Discover cocoa products that will turn your plant-based creations into a truly indulgent experience: 

  • Suitable for vegans cocoa products: dark chocolate powder (also available organic), Croquoa
  • Dairy-free cocoa powders: all cocoa powders, including specialties (Organic, Single Origin, Natural dark, Defatted cocoa powder or Dispersible cocoa powders)
Vegan chocolate ice cream, made with dairy-free cocoa powder and croquoa
Vegan chocolate ice cream, made with dairy-free cocoa powder and croquoa

Vegan / Dairy-free Fillings

Vegan madeleines, made with raspberry filling and pistachio pieces
Vegan madeleines, made with raspberry filling and pistachio pieces

Enrich your creations with more taste and texture with our new Plant Craft fillings: chocolate, nuts or fruit-based, all of them suitable for vegans.

Note: Nut fillings are also dairy-free

Inclusions & decorations

Add texture or make your plant-based creations look dazzling with our Plant Craft selection of inclusions and decorations, all suitable for vegans. Discover:

  • D’Orsogna biscuits, wafers and honeycomb
  • La Morella Nuts caramelized nuts pieces
  • Fruity sugar crunches and coconut shavings
  • Cocoa nibs and Croquoa
  • Chocolate sprinkles and plaques
  • Food colorings & transfer sheets
Vegan chocolate thins, with raspberry and caramelized hazelnut inclusions
Vegan chocolate thins, with raspberry and caramelized hazelnut inclusions

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Dairy-free products

Dark Chocolate without added vanilla

Dark chocolate with different application possibilities. Slightly more intense in cocoa notes with his 60% of cocoa solids. Without addition of vanilla.

Balanced Dark chocolate

Nicely balanced dark chocolate with a touch of vanilla. Shows perfect harmony between sweetness and cocoa taste. Suitable for molding applications.

Dark chocolate Tanzania

Dark chocolate 75% from Tanzania, delivering the perfect balance of acidity, intense cocoa bitterness and fruity notes. Mainly concentrated in the area surrounding Lake Malawi, cocoa culture is more than 50% organic and provides some spectacular beans, giving Tanzania its unique reputation. Accounts for only 0.1% of the world's cocoa harvest.

Dark chocolate Papua New Guinea

Starting off with a strong smoky taste, this Papua New Guinea dark chocolate exhibits a creamier, rounder character as it explores the palate, displaying hints of cherry and prune and an explicit cappuccino-like finish.

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