Treat Tomorrow.

A Glocal Customer Gathering
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Treat Tomorrow.

A Glocal Customer Gathering
Get ready to embark on a journey: a journey together with customers, prospects and experts to shape chocolate indulgence for the decade to come. We are excited to introduce…TREAT TOMORROW.

Initiated by Barry Callebaut...

Initiated by Barry Callebaut, this Glocal Customer Gathering with customers and experts aims to carve the plan for 'new' chocolate indulgence. The 2020 COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the whole world, impacting what kind of food and drinks consumers prefer, including chocolate indulgence. You will hear from a variety of voices on topics such as upcycling, next generation indulgence, the plant-based movement, and “good for the planet” products.

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What will you snack on?

GLOBAL TRENDS: Catch the latest insights about the issues that matter from our international experts.

SHELF PITCH: Want to know how a consumer insight becomes the next indulgent treat in your cart? Check in with brands who’ll break it down for you.

THE LAB: It’s all about innovative ingredients and groundbreaking solutions opening a realm of possibilities for tomorrow’s tastemakers.



POPUP CHEF: Creative and committed: find inspiration with our chefs as they take on the most daring challenges in choc’ indulgence.

CHOC X’CHANGE: Join the live forum where we debrief on the topics of the day, participate in the conversation, and book a 1:1 meeting. 

How will you watch? Binge watch the mini-series and engage through the live Q&A’s and discussions. Or, snack on demand to best fit your busy schedule. 

Have a sneak peek at the mini-series and topics:

Our industry experts explored 6 Key Consumer Questions and discussed the trends and solutions that surround each of them. 

A taste of health

A Taste For Health

With physical and mental health being the top priority in our lives, how will sugar intake affect our chocolate indulgence?

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Gen Zest For Life

For us, life is in the now. So don’t bother with the menu so much: indulge me with your happiness specials and we’ll share!

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The Garden Party

Plant-based treats are the new hot cake on our plates. But what’s the deal with taste? You know what: the party just got started!

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What unites us is trust. What brings us together is chocolate. So when will ethical chocolate become the norm?

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1, 2, Tree, Go!

Ask not what you can do to fight climate change. Ask what the chocolate industry can do to help you fight climate change.

Nurturing my Nature

Nurturing my Nature

While a whole generation elects nature to nurture their health, the cacaofruit will drive a new category of drinks. Stay tuned to discover more.

shaping choclate indulgence for the decade to come

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