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Get inspired by sustainable brand stories

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Edward Marc pretzels

Edward Marc

Edward Marc is a Pittsburgh-based family of chocolatiers who have been making quality chocolates for over a century.  Edward Marc believes life is about the human connection and their mission is to make life sweeter. They connect with people through their delicious chocolate and are therefore passionately committed to responsible sourcing of cocoa. By partnering with Cocoa Horizons, their efforts will help raise farmers out of poverty, help eradicate child labor, and reverse deforestation.

Whimsy Chocolates

Based in Washington state, in a small town north of Portland, Oregon, Whimsy Chocolates is all about fresh, small-batch chocolates. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, flavor and quality, Whimsy believes great chocolate is about more than just great taste. That is why Whimsy Chocolates is partnering with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to find ways to give back to the farmers and communities that work to grow, harvest, ferment, and dry cocoa.

Whimsy Chocolates pralines box
Leonidas milk chocolate tablet Cocoa Horizons


Since 1913, Leonidas has had one mission: to make the most delicious, best-quality pralines accessible to everyone. Today, you can buy Leonidas Belgian chocolate in over 1300 shops worldwide. The Leonidas tablet range is made from sustainably sourced Cocoa Horizons cocoa. As a family-owned business, Leonidas joined up with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation based on its mission to help build self-sustaining, prospering farming communities that protect nature and children.


Around the world, Guylian is synonymous with high-quality Belgian Chocolates. Guylian chocolates are sold in over 120 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. With Project Cocoa, which is powered by the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, Guylian is committed to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, community development and the protection of nature and children.

Guylian sustainable chocolate tablets

Tony's Chocolonely

With incredibly tasty chocolate, Tony's Chocolonely leads by example to show the world that chocolate can be made differently. Barry Callebaut has been a partner on their journey, helping to manage supply chain complexities in order to source fully traceable, segregated sustainable cocoa.

Tony's Chocolonely chocolate tablet
Tony's Chocolonely 5 principles

Tony’s 5 principles for slave-free cocoa, which among other things enables cocoa farmers to earn a sustainable living income. These principles of collaboration must eventually lead to eradicating modern slavery and illegal child labor on cocoa farms in West Africa. Tony’s sold 36 million chocolate bars in the 2017/2018 cocoa season, proving once again that it's possible to do good and be commercially successful.

Simply Chocolate

Denmark’s Simply Chocolate knows that working with cocoa brings great responsibility. Simply Chocolate want to make sure their chocolate not only benefits their consumers but also the farmers, villages and the environment from where it originates. 

Simply Chocolate Salty Fred
Simply Chocolate Cocoa Horizons

That’s why Simply Chocolate works with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to source sustainable cocoa that helps to create thriving communities and prospering farmers.

As an extra add-on, Simply Chocolate plans support its own community development project within the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

Darrell Lea

Since 1927, Darrell Lea have been crafting the most delicious licorice and chocolate treats for millions of Australians. Darrell Lea loves chocolate, which is why they are proud to partner with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to make things better for cocoa growing communities. The partnership with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation to purchase 100% of their cocoa raw materials sustainably means that Darrell Lea chocolate not only tastes good but also does good.

Darell Lea chocolate


Purdys is a Canadian chocolatier with a rich history. Richard Carmon Purdy started selling homemade chocolates in downtown Vancouver in 1907. After 100+ years of crafting fine chocolates, you get to know a thing or two about doing it right, and that includes sourcing premium quality and 100% sustainable chocolate from around the world. Purdys is still a family-owned company that's proudly all about chocolate and supporting programs, such as Cocoa Horizons, that improve the livelihood and communities of cocoa farming families.

In addition to their purchases of sustainable cocoa, Purdys has engaged their customers to help support cocoa farming communities. Purdys Clean Water Project has supported the delivery of over 100 water filters to schools and health centers in Ivory Coast.

Purdys chocolate

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Ruby Chocolate Max (low viscosity)

Ruby, an even more intense sensorial delight, with a higher tension of fresh berry fruitiness and darker color.

  • gamme
  • Fluidity
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
  • Min. % Dry milk solids
Ruby Chocolate (high viscosity)

Ruby Chocolate the biggest innovation in the chocolate industry in 80 years. Ruby offers an intense sensorial delight, a totally new taste experience: neither bitter, milky or sweet, but a tension of fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness.

  • gamme
  • Fluidity
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
  • Min. % Dry milk solids
Caramel Chocolate for Ice Cream

An elegant, sweet caramel chocolate with notes of vanilla.

  • gamme
  • Fluidity
  • Cocoa intensity
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids
Milk chocolate Without added sugar (chicory root fiber)

Delicious milk chocolate in which sugar has been replaced by chicory root fiber (oligofructose) and sweetened with a touch of steviol glycosides, better known as stevia. No laxative warning, rich in fibre. Recipe unique to Barry Callebaut!

  • gamme
  • Fluidity
  • Cocoa intensity
  • Min. % Dry cocoa solids

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