Cane sugar

Barry Callebaut joined Bonsucro’s sustainable sugarcane initiative in 2017 to address the myriad issues impacting sugarcane farmers and provide a sustainable supply of cane sugar for our chocolate creations.

Bonsucro’s vision is a sugarcane sector with thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains. Their mission is to ensure that responsible sugarcane production creates lasting value for the people, communities, businesses, economies and eco-systems in all cane-growing origins. Bonsucro’s strategy builds a platform to accelerate change for the largest agricultural commodity in the world – sugarcane.

Sustainable cane sugar excludes forced and child labor, ensures healthy and safe working conditions, protects land rights and avoids any negative environmental impact, especially loss of biodiversity. It is also traceable to mill level.

Contact your Barry Callebaut sales representative to enable the sustainable sourcing of chocolate ingredients, including cane sugar, in your end-product.

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