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Dairy-free Dark Chocolate micro chips

Dairy-free micro chocolate chips (20000ct/kg), vibrated. Bakestable.

Dairy-free Dark Chocolate chips XS

Dairy-free XS chocolate chips (7500ct/kg), non-vibrated. Bakestable.

Matcha Chocolate

Matcha has been a trending flavor & color across segments. We developed creamy matcha chocolate with the same iconic taste and color we know. The chocolate is perfect for your health-minded consumers.

Milk chocolate chunks M

Medium bake stable milk chocolate chunks

Organic Dark Chocolate chips XS

Extra small organic non-vibrated dark chocolate chips

Dark chocolate chips M without added sugar

Without added sugar medium dark chocolate chips with maltitol as a sugar replacer. They are non-vibrated, for non-added sugar oriented baking and cereal applications. Bake stable thanks to the low fat content.

Milk chocolate chips M

Medium non-vibrated bake stable milk chocolate chips

Dairy-free Dark Chocolate Chips XS

Bakestable dark chocolate chips with a sweet and round flavor profile. 7500ct

Dairy-free, suitable for all vegan certifications

Milk chocolate with dairy protein and without added sugar

Milk chocolate without added sugars based on whey protein. Its delicious taste, high cocoa content and dairy-based protein make this chocolate the perfect ingredient for your wholesome creations.

Dark chocolate chunks XL

Extra large bake stable dark chocolate chunks with Belgian chocolate

Milk chocolate chips L

Large non-vibrated bake stable milk chocolate chips

Dark chocolate chunks L

Large bake stable dark chocolate chunks with Belgian chocolate

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