Indonesia, Malaysia & Colombia - The benefits of sustainable palm

Get to know the sustainability story behind palm oil production and the ongoing efforts to improve the sector.

Indonesia, Malaysia & Colombia - The benefits of sustainable palm

Known infamously for the slash and burn of rainforests to make space for growing more palm trees, Palm Oil, if grown sustainably, is actually one of the most efficiently grown and produced oils, with high levels of productivity (yield per hectare). Additionally, many smallholder farmers depend on the sale of palm to support themselves and their families. This is why at Barry Callebaut, we are investing in the continued development of sustainable sources of palm, and why we do not support a ban on palm oil.

A member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil since 2011, and a supplier of certified palm, we are also building upon the efforts of RSPO by joining an innovative group of companies aiming to further transform the industry via POIG - the Palm Oil Innovation Group.

“As a buyer, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable palm oil sector. By joining POIG we commit to the highest standard and can drive implementation of sustainability criteria in the sector without compromise,” stated Massimo Selmo, Head of Global Sourcing at Barry Callebaut. You can read more about our involvement here.

Additionally, we are continuing to map our supply chain with our palm oil suppliers all the way back to mill level, and where possible - even plantation level, to better assess risks related to labor abuses and deforestation, in order to ensure a sustainable supply.

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