Turkey - Driving changes in the hazelnuts sector

We are working with our suppliers and with the certification Rainforest Alliance/UTZ to implement ethical labor practices in hazelnuts production.

Turkey - Working together with our suppliers and Rainforest Alliance to drive change

Turkey is the biggest hazelnuts producer with around 75% of the global production. Barry Callebaut has been part of a “Public Private Partnership” (PPP), coordinated by the trade association Caobisco and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO) with the objective to eliminate the worst forms of child labor in hazelnuts production. Today, we are directly teaming up with some of our Turkish suppliers to implement good practices on the ground and ensure good labor conditions are respected via for example trainings, child labor monitoring and remediation or grievance mechanisms. 

We are also Rainforest Alliance/UTZ certified and can offer certified hazelnuts in any of our recipes. Rainforest Alliance is supporting Turkish hazelnut farmers to improve agricultural practices and increase their yield, but also to ensure better working conditions for their employees, and to eradicate child labor in the orchards. 

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