Spain - Working with farmers to preserve water resources and biodiversity

La Morella Nuts, the expert in high quality nuts, has defined its sustainability ambition for 2025: Nature to Nuts. Following a materiality assessment, this program focuses on the main challenges identified in the industry such as sustainable use of water, the protection of biodiversity and the support to local farmers to improve their practices.

La Morella Nuts is located in Reus, an important place for Spanish hazelnuts and almonds production. We have always worked close to local producers, favouring the sourcing of fresh Mediterranean nuts. Nature to Nuts has been defined to propose an answer to the different challenges of the nuts industry, in Spain but also in the other origins where we source. It is based on the following goals: 

By 2025, La Morella will source: 

  • 100% of its nuts from producers safeguarding water. 
  • 100% of its nuts from orchards where biodiversity is fostered. 
  • While preserving their long term partnerships with Spanish farmers. 

To reach those targets, we implement various initiatives. For example, we are working with almond producers and the certification Bee Friendly to ensure almond farming practices are preserving pollinators and the local biodiversity. The first (ever) Bee Friendly certified almonds have been produced in 2020! 

We also work with local experts to support hazelnut suppliers to optimize their irrigation practices and preserve biodiversity. We use FSA, the Farm Sustainability Assessment to evaluate the level of sustainability in farms and target a Silver level for 100% of our Spanish hazelnuts.

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