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Where do we source pecans? How do they grow? Get to know our delicious pecan products.

Great taste starts with great pecans

The name “pecan” is derived from the Native American word “pacane” that described “nuts requiring a stone to crack.” The natives of pre-colonial central and eastern regions of North America used pecans as an importance source of food because of their availability, taste and rather easiness to crack.  

The pecan is the only tree nut native to North America. Still today, the nut is mainly produced there as the United States and Mexico produce together 90% of the world production with respectively 73 000 MT and 56 000 MT of kernel (source INC, expectation crops 2018/19). 

We source our pecans in the United States and especially in the Texan state. 

How are pecans grown?

Pecan kernels

Pecans grow on big large trees, normally above 20 metres high. Those trees produce separate male and female flowers on the same tree. Pollination takes place in spring with the influence of wind. After the pollination, female flowers will turn into pecans and progressively grow until autumn when they are harvested. 
Pecan trees are harvested by shaking the large branches of the trees mechanically. Pecans fall on the ground where they are swept and picked up by a mechanical harvester. 

A particularity of pecan production is the alternate bearing. Crops alternate year-on-year: one crop year yielding large quantities of nuts, and one crop year with low quantities. This phenomenon can affect pricing and availability. For farmers, it is essential to pick the right varieties and carefully manage the orchard to reduce the effect of alternate bearing. 

Taste the difference with our pecan products

Once harvested, we treat pecans with utmost care to preserve their authentic flavors, only to be unleashed in your creations. We’re passionate about nuts, and are proud to offer the best pecans can offer:

  • Roasted: whole or in pieces
  • Caramelized: fully caramelized (sablages), with pieces of caramelized sugar (crocants)
  • Fillings
  • Pralinés
  • Pastes & nut butters
  • Coatings

Certifications available: organic

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