Dive into our world of chocolate innovation!

Functional Areas Barry Callebaut

Dive into our world of chocolate innovation!

At Barry Callebaut, you join passionate entrepreneurs to revolutionize the cocoa and chocolate landscape. Together, we're crafting a future that's sweeter and more sustainable for everyone.
Discover the diverse functional areas where you can make an impact.

R&D and Innovation

Our R&D and Innovation teams dives deep into the science of chocolate and cocoa. If you’re eager to shape the future of the industry, there’s no better lab than at Barry Callebaut to grow your skills.

Elif Kögmen, R&D and Innovation, Belgium

R&D & Innovation - Elif Kögmen - Barry Callebaut
Sales & Marketing - Yi Ming Heng - Barry Callebaut

Sales & Marketing

In Sales and Marketing at Barry Callebaut, the culture stands out. I've experienced support and freedom across geographies, working with great people and seamlessly navigating functions to achieve business goals. 

Yi Ming Heng, Sales & Marketing, USA 

Trading & Sourcing

In Trading & Sourcing at Barry Callebaut, we ensure global beans meet the highest sustainability and quality standards. It's more than just business; it's a flavorful journey driven by our Forever Chocolate purpose.

Ghislaine Ada, Trading & Sourcing, Côte d’Ivoire

Trading & Sourcing - Ghislaine Ada - Barry Callebaut
Quality Assurance - Megh Bhandari - Barry Callebaut


Here at Barry Callebaut, quality isn't just a standard; it's our mission. I'm proud to be part of a team where we uphold food safety, exceed customer expectations and set industry benchmarks for the industry. 

Dr. Megh Bhandari, Quality Assurance, Canada

Operations & Supply Chain (OSCO)

In Operations & Supply Chain at Barry Callebaut, we go from bean to bar with a focus on quality, safety, and processes. If you're passionate and entrepreneurial with an eye for excellence, there's no better place to refine it.

Evelien Thienpondt, Operations & Supply Chain, Belgium 

OSCO - Evelien Thienpondt - Barry Callebaut
Carole Schwendeler - Customer Care - Barry Callebaut

Customer Care

Working in Customer Care, we're truly the heart of our customer-focused approach. Here, I've refined my empathy and communication, ensuring top-notch service and nurturing enduring relationships.

Carole Schwendeler, Customer Care, Switzerland


In Pricing at Barry Callebaut, we collaborate across departments to build the best prices for our customers. Amidst global market dynamics, here's where analytical minds thrive and ensure competitiveness.

Brittany Gagliano, Pricing, USA

Brittany Gagliano - Pricing - Barry Callebaut
Elie Fouché - General Management - Barry Calleaut

General Management

At Barry Callebaut, I have found leadership to be an enriching blend of strategy, vision, and execution. My 15-year journey across Asia, Africa and Europe has been diverse and has further honed my capabilities. 

Elie Fouché, General Management, Singapore

Human Resources

At Barry Callebaut, we nurture talent and innovation, empowering colleagues to thrive. I'm inspired to create and see projects come alive, fostering a deep sense of belonging and engagement.

Odirley Enock, Human Resources, Brazil

Odirley Enock - Human Resources - Barry Callebaut
Ashley Ariana Arshad - Communications Barry Callebaut


Every bean tells a tale. In my role, I get to capture these stories – from unique origins to groundbreaking innovations and the passionate people behind them – and share them with the world.

Ashley Ariana Arshad, Communications, Belgium

Information Management and Technology

A career in Information Management and Technology at Barry Callebaut ensures you stay ahead of the curve. My role offers diverse global projects, fostering out-of-box thinking for business success.

Marta Jablonska-Lyczko, Information Management and Technology, Poland

Marta Jablonska-Lyczko - Information Management Technology - Barry Callebaut

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