Quality statement

Barry Callebaut Group Quality statement

Quality statement

At Barry Callebaut, we are proud of our continuous improvement in Quality.

With increasing customer and regulatory demands, the continual improvement of our Quality is key to ongoing success.

With this in mind our Quality Mission is integrated with both the Barry Callebaut values and the Triple Zero programme - zero accidents, zero defects, zero delays. 


Our Quality Mission 

Passion for all our products 

  • To always delight our customers and their consumers. 

Zero Accidents, Zero Defects, Zero Delays 

  • No compromise on our ambition. 

Commitment to improve 

  • Continuously by listening and raising your voice for Quality. 

Integrity in execution 

  • Sticking to Barry Callebaut standards, rules and International Regulations. 

Pride in our company 

  • Our history and heritage continues to be built by great product experiences.
Our quality mission - Barry Callebaut

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