Regulatory Services

Food Nutrition Facts, Nutri Score, Food Labelling Legislation

Regulatory Services

The worldwide food regulations are very diverse and complex. At Barry Callebaut we give guidance to make sure your food products are fully in line with the applicable regulatory and food safety requirements.
Ruby Chocolate Confectionery Tablet with White Creamy Filling and Raspberry Pieces

Support on Regulatory Compliance needed?

Food products always need to be fully compliant to country specific regulations. These are in place to guarantee that all stakeholders are duly informed about what they buy. The set of applicable laws and rules is very complicated.

Barry Callebaut experts can support you answering questions like these:

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Can I call my product chocolate?

Is just one of the simple yet sometimes complex questions to answer. Our team can help on this and other Product Compliance Queries like ‘Is my milk chocolate also a milk chocolate in other countries?’ or ‘Can I use colors as much as I want?’

Multisensorial pralines with milk, dark, white and ruby chocolate and a filling with crunchy inclusions
Checking food labelling in retail

What claims can I make front of pack?

Labeling advice, we are happy to provide assistance when your brand is launching a new consumer product. As well as support on questions like ‘Should I always indicate nutritional information?’ or ‘How do I implement Vcool?’

Is my product compliant for export?

Our International Trade experts will help you to get clarity and give guidance on the necessary obligations to fulfill.

Export and international trade

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