Developing our employees

Providing a safe, fair, healthy and inspiring workplace and offering development opportunities.
We promote talent and create a safe, fair, healthy and inspiring work environment in which our employees can develop, in order to fill more leadership positions from within.

Talent management

Our Talent Management Process helps employees to focus on – and prepare for – the next step in their career. Our goal is to fill 60% of our key positions with internal candidates.

Barry Callebaut Talent Management

Graduate Trainee Program

Barry Callebaut Graduate Trainee Program YourFuture@BC

The two-year Graduate Trainee Program Yourfuture@BC recruits and develops young top college graduates from around the world, with a focus on emerging markets. The program has gone from strength to strength not just in attracting talent but also growing globally minded employees for the company. In 2015/16, there were 24 graduate trainees, bringing the total to 103 graduates from 32 nationalities since the program began.

Barry Callebaut's Graduate Trainee Program Yourfuture@BC

Barry Callebaut Graduate Trainee Program Video Teaser Image

Benefits to employees in origin countries

Barry Callebaut supports employees at every stage of their career with services, programs, and benefits. As a company with operations in developing economies, we understand the importance of assisting our employees locally, based on their specific needs. In cocoa growing countries, our programs provide a broad range of services, including medical care, housing, and education (see table).

Employee support services in cocoa origin countries (in % of sites providing them)

Doctor/nurse on-site  55% Warm meals on factory premises 89%
Medical exams 100% Home ownership opportunity 31%
Vaccinations 79% Transportation to/from work site 46%
HIV/AIDS education and support 46% Education support/school fees 47%
Health insurance or other medical care 100% Sports activities 83%

Seeds for Change

Seeds-for-Change_logo - Barry Callebaut

We engage and inspire our employees to live sustainably and share their purpose & values at work. Our Seeds for Change initiative, launched in 2018, enables all our employees to directly contribute to our Forever Chocolate commitment to make sustainable chocolate the norm. Employees can positively impact the environment and benefit farming communities through activities that reduce impact and capture carbon. 

Chairman's Award

Honoring outstanding performance and community service, the annual Chairman's Award recognizes long-time employees with outstanding work performance and strong social commitment in their local communities.

Barry Callebaut Chairman's Award Group Picture

Excellence / Value Awards

Barry Callebaut Excellence / Value Award Group Picture

Every year, the Excellence / Value Awards are handed out to selected Barry Callebaut employees for outstanding performance. With the award managers and their teams are recognized for their willing- and preparedness to go the extra mile, who are putting all their passion into their work and thus, have made a positive impact on the company in the past fiscal year. The awards are given for each of Barry Callebaut's 5 company values

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