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The Cocoa Horizons Foundation - Helping Barry Callebaut achieve its Forever Chocolate commitments

Cocoa Horizons is one of the key sustainability programs helping Barry Callebaut achieve its 2025 Forever Chocolate commitments. The Cocoa Horizons  Foundation is a non-profit and third-party verified organization. Its purpose is to drive cocoa farmer prosperity by creating self-sustaining communities that protect nature and children. 

Established in 2015, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation was created to scale impact and drive change in cocoa farming communities, creating transparency of premium allocation and ensuring a robust sustainability program is implemented in origin countries. The methodology is continuously revised and improved to ensure maximum impact in three main areas:

Farm business plan

1 - Prospering farmers

Supporting farmer professionalization and long-term viability through the development of a Farm Business Plan, and enabling access to farm services, tools, inputs and financing for cocoa farmers.

Eradicating child labor

2 - Community

Enabling child-centric community structures by supporting community action plans to prevent child labor and by supporting projects that promote women’s empowerment and income generation.

Environmental Protection

3 - Environment

Committing to a forest and carbon positive cocoa supply chain by planting cocoa and non-cocoa trees, promoting clean energy devices such as cookstoves and solar systems, providing traceability to farm boundaries to ensure cocoa is not coming from deforested or protected areas, and increasing community ownership of the deforestation challenge.

Unique approach to scale impact

The Cocoa Horizons Foundation scales impact through Barry Callebaut’s dedicated on-the-ground resources. A key part of Cocoa Horizon’s approach to scale impact is via data collection and analysis. The Foundation is modernizing interaction with farmers by building a powerful cocoa farming database to measure progress and target funds where they are needed.

This large-scale data collection and analysis tool ensures the Foundation knows and understands the individual needs of hundreds of thousands of cocoa farmers. This helps the Foundation allocate resources and provide solutions to the challenges faced by farmers. The data also helps Cocoa Horizon’s track progress and impact so that it is continuously improving.

You can be a part of this movement by buying Cocoa Horizons cocoa and chocolate products. By paying a sustainability premium,  you are investing in efforts to lift farmers out of poverty, eradicate child labor and be carbon positive by 2025. You also get access to marketing support to help create your own brand stories. Want to know more? Contact your nearest sales representative.


Cocoa Horizons cocoa farmer

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Natural Dark

Dark brown colored yet 100% naturally obtained premium cocoa powder. Produced with no chemical intervention and no addition of additives. 100% free from alkali, dairy, lactose and allergen. 100% Vegan. This unique natural cocoa powder delivers a premium dark brown color combined with a delicious mild cocoa flavor with toasted nuts aroma and a hint of dried fruits.

Cacaofruit Pulp

The cacaofruit pulp has a clean, fresh white colour and a sweet scent of fruity honey. With its pleasant zesty fruity flavor, it has a uniquely refreshing signature taste that brings natural sweetness and delightfully refreshing fruity notes to beverages, ice creams and sorbets. The cacaofruit pulp has a Brix level of 18°.

Cacaofruit Juice

The cacaofruit juice is characterized by a unique zesty fruitiness, making it a very refreshing fruit base for a large range of beverages. It has a golden brown colour with a fruity scent and naturally contains magnesium and potassium. It is particularly suited for the usage in beverages to bring a deliciously exotic flavour. The cacaofruit juice has a Brix level of 18°.

Cacaofruit Juice Concentrate

Characterized by its golden brown colour and a fruity honey scent, the cacaofruit juice concentrate is made from the pulp juice. The pulp juice is filtered, gently pasteurized and the water is evaporated to obtain a concentrate with a Brix level of 60°. 100% Pure, 100% Free From sweeteners, additives and preservatives.  This delicious fruity concentrate naturally contains magnesium and potassium. It adds an intense fruity sweetness and a unique signature flavor to drinks, sorbets, ice creams, dairy products and confectionery.

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