The Barry Callebaut Group is organized into different Regions: Region EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Region Americas and Region Asia Pacific. The globally managed Global Cocoa business is reported as a separate segment like a Region.

The Group's business can also be separated into three different Product Groups:

This organizational structure supports the company’s strategic goal to expand its activities in high-growth countries, to improve its operational footprint and increase its global presence.


Barry Callebaut organization as of July 2020

Our leadership team

The Board of Directors (BoD) of the Barry Callebaut Group establishes the strategic, accounting, organizational and financing policies to be followed, and appoints the Executive Committee, to which the Board of Directors has delegated the operational management of the company.

Barry Callebaut's BoD consists of 8 non-executive members, chaired by Patrick De Maeseneire. Each Director is elected by the shareholders of the Barry Callebaut Group at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for a term of office of one year and may be reelected for successive terms.

The Executive Committee (ExCo) of the Barry Callebaut Group consists of 10 functions and is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Antoine de Saint-Affrique. 

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VP, Corporate Communications
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Head of Investor Relations
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