Treat Tomorrow Live

Treat Tomorrow Live

Treat Tomorrow Live on October 26, 2021

Join us as we embark on a journey to shape chocolate indulgence for the decade to come.

Three mini-series take the stage with new episodes

  • Plant-based treats in mini-series The Garden Party
  • Next-gen indulgence in Gen Zest for Life
  • Food with health benefits in a whole new mini-series Nurturing my Nature. 

All mini-series will be live hosted by an anchor to stimulate interactivity and discussions. The 2-hour program starts with an interview with our CEO, Peter Boone.

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Treat Tomorrow Live schedule
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Treat Tomorrow on demand

Already available for you today: 5 mini-series addressing 5 pressing consumer questions:

A Taste For Health
With physical and mental health being the top priority in our lives, how will sugar intake affect our chocolate indulgence?

Gen Zest For Life
For us, life is in the now. So don’t bother with the menu so much: indulge me with your happiness specials and we’ll share!

The Garden Party
Plant-based treats are the new hot cake on our plates. But what’s the deal with taste? You know what: the party just got started!

What unites us is trust. What brings us together is chocolate. So when will ethical chocolate become the norm?

1, 2, Tree, Go!
Ask not what you can do to fight climate change. Ask what the chocolate industry can do to help you fight climate change.

Treat Tomorrow shaping chocolate indulgence for the decade to come

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Each mini-series reflects on the subject from multiple perspectives: macro trends, food & health science, brand case studies, and next-generation consumer applications. View the sessions that are most relevant to your business. 

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