Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2018/19

Progress on the Forever Chocolate Movement

Through our Forever Chocolate strategy, Barry Callebaut is leading the movement to make sustainable chocolate the norm. You can join us through the purchase of sustainable chocolate and cocoa products. This year we sourced more than 50% of our ingredients sustainably. With your help, we are making significant progress against our Forever Chocolate commitments.

Sustainable cocoa farming

Impact through the power of data, technology, and scale

Forever Chocolate sustainability programs are scaling impact by harnessing the power of big data and technology. For example, we are building a groundbreaking cocoa farmer database that allows for assessment of individual farmer and community needs and analysis, resulting in higher quality and higher impact support. 

See how we are creating impact on the ground and leading change in the cocoa and chocolate value chain.

How our impact, impacts you

Customers of sustainable ingredients, such as sustainably sourced cocoa via the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, join us on the journey to create a sustainable industry and answer the expectations of consumers. Through sustainability premiums, your brand is directly investing in innovative projects that will lift cocoa farmers out of poverty, eradicate child labor and create a carbon and forest positive chocolate supply chain.

Are you interested in strengthening your brand’s reputation and value? Get inspired by sustainable brand stories.

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