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There are many chocolate producers who source sustainable cocoa. We go beyond just cocoa to sourcing the most sustainable ingredients at every step of the process. We also balance sustainability with reliability and consistency in taste profile and colour, which is a critical part of our uniquely Swiss chocolate crafting process. Our mission was to create 100% sustainable chocolate and we’re proud to say: we made it.
Carma, Cocoa pod

Unique Cocoa Blends

We have mastered the chocolate production process in our factory in Dübendorf. We create our unique cocoa blends, roast the cocoa nibs at just the right temperature as well as adapt the conching time to every couverture type. But to produce a perfect chocolate it is even more important to source cocoa that is grown and produced responsibly and sustainably, as well as to invest in the future of cocoa farming, and the livelihoods of all involved.

By choosing Carma, you make a difference by improving the lives of farmers and their families in countries of cocoa origin, who are able to adopt sustainable farming practices. This is something you can and should showcase on your final product, so consumers understand and appreciate your dedication to sustainability.

Carma UTZ certified

Our cocoa is UTZ certified

At Carma, we source UTZ certified cocoa for all our cocoa blends. UTZ stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. The decision to source UTZ certified cocoa means that we are making a difference for cocoa farmers.

We do not just stop there. We go above and beyond by investing to enable the future generation of cocoa farmers through high quality education. A quality education that creates viable opportunities for the youth to choose and thrive in cocoa. We are proud to partner with our customer Confiserie Bachmann in the setting up of the Rural Institute of Agriculture (IFER) in Affery, Ivory Coast. The IFER is an opportunity for the youth aged between 16 and 25 to gain an accredited qualification in entrepreneurial agriculture. After all, it is you who we depend on to run the quality cocoa farms of tomorrow and keep chocolate alive for all.

Carma UTZ certified cocoa
In our commitment to make a difference for our planet, we go beyond sourcing sustainable cocoa beans. Our wide product range requires a variety of ingredients to create a whole pallet of flavours, textures and colours. To guarantee a unique taste profile, highest quality of the chocolate and at the same time contribute to lower carbon footprint, whenever possible, we source our main ingredients, like milk and sugar, locally.
sugar plants


At Carma, our sugar is 100% great tasting, Swiss and sustainable. Sustainable sugar beet means that all our suppliers meet the requirements of the industry-wide recognized Farm Sustainability Assessment independently conducted by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) platform – the global food and drinks industry’s primary platform for driving sustainable agriculture.

The FSA is an exciting tool helping companies source and farmers sell more and more agricultural products that are sustainably produced. FSA helps farmers assess, report and continuously improve their farm sustainability practices. Once a farmer is FSA approved, he/she benefits from easy market access to companies looking to source sustainable ingredients. FSA is a tool that is built to simplify the multitude of existing sustainability schemes across a plethora of companies. Therefore, by qualifying to use the globally recognized and trusted FSA tool, the farmer saves a lot of time while adhering to the rigorous sustainability requirements set out by FSA.

Quality at Carma does not only mean premium taste only, no! In fact, it also means that the sugar we source is grown and produced in a way that respects the environment and positively impacts the people who depend on it.


Milk is a critical ingredient that makes Carma chocolate what it is. Cows are widely understood as the biggest culprits when issues of sustainability and negative environmental impact come into play. But at Carma, we require that our suppliers adhere to rules around good animal welfare, farm performance and environmental stewardship.

This means:

1. Ensuring the happiness of their cows through building healthy and productive herds, nutritious and sustainable diets and quality calf care.

2. Efficiently producing safe, high quality milk, upholding human rights of workers, support health and wellbeing of workers and members of the local community.

3. Reducing carbon footprint, support soil health, protect environmental water quality, minimize the use of fresh water and conserve and enhance biodiversity


Carma Delicious Swiss Chocolate


Since 2018, Carma is proud to have sourced exclusively 100% cage-free eggs (shell and ingredient) for all products.

Cage-free eggs
Image of Madagascar (leading supplier of vanilla)


Vanilla is one of the world’s most expensive spices and often the sole basis for the livelihood of many families. Approximately 80% of the world’s supply comes from the Sava region of Madagascar. However, most vanilla growing families suffer from poor livelihoods. An extremely volatile market, food insecurity and low quality yield are amongst the main challenges facing farmers in this region.

For Carma chocolate, we make a clear choice for high quality vanilla. We also understand that to secure the quality that goes into our products, it is absolutely a must that we source our vanilla responsibly. This is why we require and support all our suppliers to work towards improving vanilla farmer livelihoods, agronomic knowledge and skills.

Through our group’s partnership with Prova – the world’s leading supplier of vanilla - we are proud to use 100% traceable vanilla from Madagascar. Additionally, through a dedicated project, we also support vanilla farmers to diversify their income with cocoa. More than 450 farmers and their families benefit from this project.


Our Soy Lecithin is Proterra certified. Together with Proterra we ensure the sustainable farming of soy beans by requiring our supplier meet strict criteria: farming practices conducted are done in a way that protects the Amazonia and any other high value forest, protection of the rights of the communities and farmers within the soy sector as well as protection of biodiversity particularly through rigorous Non-GMO requirements.

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