7 flavours for endless mixing at your fingertips

With Bar à Cacao, you’ll offer customers the unique ritual of blending their favourite hot chocolate drinks right in your own vending machine! Because guests can pick and mix many different flavours at the push of a button you’ll save space, offer a wider selection and create a bigger turnover!
Bar a cacao

Van Houten Flavoured Drinks

Freedom of choice has never been this exciting!

Flavoured drinks are a hot sellers in every shop! Tests show a price increase of 0.10 cents per flavoured beverage for a real growth in your sales. Enjoy a world of variety and a bigger turnover!


  • Mix everything from a traditional hot chocolate to choco beverages flavoured with white chocolate, caramel or even fruity notes!

  • Boost your beverage offer in any setup: from 4 instant products and coffee beans for 18 combinations to 6 products for up to 30 combinations 

  • Offer a big variety of drinks in the same machine without taking up more space and let customers create their signature drinks!

From traditional vending flavours 

to bold new combinations!

Duo dark & white

Duo Dark & White Hot Chocolate Drink

Creme brulee

Crème Brûlée Dark Hot Chocolate Drink


Speculoos Dark Hot Chocolate Drink

Van Houten White Chocolate Cappuccino

White Chocolate Cappuccino

Boost your Bar à Cacao with appealing tools

Machine branding

Add appealing designs to your vending machine and increase customer traffic! Instantly inspire passers-by to enjoy a drink that matches their cravings 24/7.

name tab

Name tabs

Inform customers about Bar à Cacao combinations, new releases and availability. And make your offer pop! Available for all vending machine models.

cacao marketing videos


Make your offer stand out! These creative 3D movies highlight specific drinks and come in many different languages for instant information. 

Discover more products

VH Passion UTZ
Van Houten Passion is a genuine hot chocolate drink made of 33% full-fat cocoa. Enjoy a truly intense indulgence that delivers on full-bodied taste with a rich and creamy mouthfeel. It is prepared with fresh liquid milk and the UTZ certified cocoa makes it a sustainable choice.
Van Houten
VH Santo Domingo Organic UTZ

Born in Dominican Republic’s tropical winds, high temperatures and humidity, Santo Domingo’s organic cocoa beans come from a thriving terroir. These rare, single-origin beans provide an intense cocoa taste packed with roasted notes, pleasant bitterness and a subtle hint of vanilla. Enjoy this organic hot chocolate that is 100% natural and contains 33% full-fat, UTZ-certified cocoa. The clean label instant hot chocolate drink!

Van Houten
Looking for a delicious dark hot chocolate drink? Van Houten VH12 is a real treat for chocolate fans looking for a strong cocoa flavour and a slightly sweet aftertaste. Because it's made from UTZ certified cocoa, it is sustainable from source to shelf!
Van Houten
Caprimo Choco Red
With its creamy mouthfeel and 16% cocoa, Caprimo Choco Red is the ultimate hot chocolate drink to satisfy the most demanding chocolate lovers! Its excellent machine functionality will assure that you are worry free and its great taste with every cup!

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