Snacking Bar Texas Origin Pecan

Soft Salt-Butter Caramel

Ingredients Preparation
  • 270g

Prepare a caramel with

  • 270g
  • 135g
    glucose syrup
  • 30g
  • 9g
  • 50g
    almond powder

Dilute with

Fill in at 23°C (73,4°F).

Texas Origine Pecan Garniture

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1kg
    Pure pecan paste origine Texas
  • 600g
    Harmonie Lactée



Ingredients Preparation

Spray the mould with dark cocoa butter, in which a shape made with an adhesive tape has been filled.

  • As needed
    Red colored cocoa butter
  • Q.S.
    gold powder

Remove the shape and spray with a mix made with gold dust and alcohol.
Then spray the mould with crystallised red coloured cocoa butter.

  • As needed
    Rounded snacking bar
  • As needed
    Extra-Bitter Guayaquil

Mould the shells with Extra-Bitter Guayaquil

Pipe with soft salt-butter caramel.

  • Q.S.
    pecan praliné

Then, pipe crystallised Texas Origin Pecan ganache on top

Crystallise, close and unmould.

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