Chocolate sorbet

Uses : Suitable product for vegan or lactose intolerant people. Lighter than a gelato, a sorbet is refreshing and invigorating. Milk powder with 0% fat can be added to give a smooth texture to your sorbet.

Tips : In order to have a better structure and mouthfeel, it's suitable (not mandatory), our Chef recommend leaving the liquid gelato mix to age before processing. It is also important to cool the gelato immediately after processing in a batch freezer. If you serve it shortly after processing, leave it in the blast freezer for 15-20 minutes. For longer storage, use a blast freezer for 1 hour. Moreover, to get a more intense taste, we strongly recommend adding cacao powder to your dark chocolate sorbet. What is the best cocoa powder? Plein Arôme

Why? Plein Arôme is one of Cacao Barry’s iconic cacao powders, it stands out for its comforting and familiar flavour profile. Plein Arôme has indeed a mesmerising round chocolate taste with caramel hints, perfect for the sorbet recipe.

Scientific recommendations : The absence of fat makes the sorbet a little more delicate than an ice cream. It is important to understand the role of sugar and air. As the percentage of sugar in a liquid increases, the freezing point decreases. Since sorbet is mainly sugar and water, getting the ratio right is key. The ideal sorbet has a sugar percentage of between 20 and 30%. Glucose syrup or invert sugar can improve the texture of the final sorbet and prevent it from freezing.


Created by
  • Ciro Fraddanno - Choco Gelato Chef, Chocolate Academy™ Milano

Chocolate sorbet

Ingredients Preparation
  • 592g
  • 78g
  • 60g
    Gluco dry 38 De
  • 88g
  • 125g
  • 0.5g
  • 15g
    Inuline fibers
  • 1g
    locust bean gum
  • 38g
    Plein Arôme

1 Warm up the water up to 40°C
2 Pre-mix all of the dry ingredients together and whisk into the warm liquid.
3 Stir it well in order to avoid lamps and pastorize until 80/85°C
4 Pour onto the chocolate.
5 Emulsify well with immersion blender. Chill to 4°C and allow to rest overnight, if possible.
6 Stir the gelato mix and churn (freeze) in a batch freezer as a regular gelato
7 When it comes out, stabilize the structure in a blast freezer for 15 minutes if it is to be sold immediately, otherwise 45 minutes for long storage.
8 Store at -18°C or serve at the temperature of -11/12°C

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