The bonbon has the shape of a half-cut cocoa pod, evoking the curved, characteristically veined outer shell of the cocoa crop. A glittery reddish-green coloured cocoa butter coating refers not only to the natural colour of the cocoa beans but also the colour scheme of filling layers. Under the colourful glossy crust of the bonbon the layers of redcurrant gel spiced with thyme and the gianduja, made of roasted pumpkinseed from Őrség (Historical region of Hungary) blend together in a crispy milk chocolate shell.
Pumpkinseed oil from Őrség is often called « The gold of Őrség » and it is a core ingredient of our Hungarian culture and history.

Cocoa is one of those treasures which may soon disappear from our world if we exploit nature and do nothing. Chocolate is a gift that would leave a large emptiness around the world if it would be no longer accessible to people. I believe that together, with a broad collaboration we can turn the current difficult situation in a positive direction. I would like to present this philosophy both in my sculpture and all my desserts. Each of them has a message, a call to humanity to act together.
Although I want to speak to the world through my creations, I don’t want to forget my roots either, the fact that I was born and raised in Hungary. That’s why I present iconic Hungarian ingredients in my desserts.
COLLABORATION between traditions and cultures through flavours from the past with a twist of tomorrow - that is what my Bonbon represents.


Created by
  • Jurgen Koens - Ambassador Chocolate Academy Benelux

Redcurrant – Thyme Gel

Ingredients Preparation
  • 1g
  • 1g
    Citric acid


  • 200g
    redcurrant purée
  • 3g
    fresh thyme

Infuse for 10 min

Strain and rescale.

Heat infusoned puree, at 40 °C

  • 20g


  • 7g
  • 5g
    Pectin Jaune

At 45°C add

Mix and bring to boil.

Add citric acid at the end.

Pumpkin Seed Gianduja

Ingredients Preparation
  • 28g

Make a caramel first (wet caramel) from

Pour on a silpat and let it cool.

Roast pumpkin seed at 160°C for 16-20 minutes.

Make a praliné with the caramel and 170 g Roasted Pumpkin seeds in a thermomix.


  • 110g
  • 30g
    cocoa butter

When the praliné is ready combine with

Conching for 24 hours before use.

Pumpkin Seed Gianduja Ganache

Ingredients Preparation
  • 110g


  • 170g
    Pumpkin seed gianduja (including Alunga 41% milk couverture)
  • 1g
    Maldon salt

Pour over

After piping the ganache into the mould sprinkle with chopped, roasted pumpkin seeds.


Ingredients Preparation
  • 100g
  • 15g


  • 65g

Mix with

Spread on a silikon stencil. Place in the praline after cooling.

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