Crispy ruby cookies

​Unleash a new generation of donuts, cakes & cookies boasting the fruity ruby taste, satisfying crunch and bedazzling looks. Ruby chocolate decorations turn any biscuit into a star on shelf or in the counter.


ingredients preparation
  • 248g
    dairy butter
  • 19g
    icing sugar

Beat until creamy texture.

  • 256g
    almond powder 100%
  • 23g
    vanilla paste

Add and beat well.

  • 92g
    egg yolks
  • 54g
  • 122g
    flour T45

Add and beat until nice paste.

Leave to rest in fridge overnight at 4°C.
Layer dough at 3 mm and cut round shapes of 7 cm diameter.
Bake at 170°C four 15 min. and let the cookies cool down.

Transfer sheet decorations

ingredients preparation
  • 500g
    Callebaut ® Finest Belgian ruby Chocolate Recipe N°RB1 (CHR-R35RB1)


Pipe ruby RB1 chocolate on transfer sheet and push on cookie. Leave to set in fridge for 10 mins. Add ruby chocolate decorations on top before the chocolate sets.


ingredients preparation
  • TRS-21462
  • TRS-21464
  • TRS-21463
  • CHR-PN-6222

Tip: To prolong shelf life & preserve the ruby taste and colour, pack your ambient ruby creations in light, air or humidity protective wrappers.

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