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To experience the exotic sensation of mango and calamansi together with chocolate cremeux, I'm adding into the five spice crumble to feel thrilled

Chocolate cremeux

Ingredients Preparation
  • 336g
    soya milk
  • 37g
    maple syrup
  • 60g
    Egg yolk
  • 8g
    100% Cocoa Butter

Heat up the soya milk

Mix the maple syrup and egg yolk, pour over the soya milk, cook at 84℃.

Sieve over the chocolate and incorporate using the blender.

Keep in refrigerator 

Mango calamansi coulis

Ingredients Preparation
  • 255g
    mango puree
  • 40g
    Calamansi Purée
  • 23g
    maple syrup
  • 0.29g
  • 148g
    fresh mango dice
  • 2g
    fresh basil leaves chopped

Warm the puree and maple syrup 

Add the salt, fresh mango dice and basil  

Cover with clean wrap and keep in refrigerator

Almond crumble

Ingredients Preparation
  • 60g
    almond powder
  • 15g
    desiccated coconut
  • 34g
    icing sugar
  • 3g
  • 1g
  • 4g
    flaxseed ground
  • 6g
  • 5g
    100% Cocoa Butter
  • 1g
    five spice powder

Mix all the dry ingredients 

Combine with water chill.

Roll out between two plastic paper and cut in to small dice 

Bake golden brown at 180℃ at around 8 minute

Assembly and finishing

Fill in the 2-g to 4-g crumble in 3D design  

Pipe the 10g of cremeux 

Pour 7 to 8 gram of mango coulis over the cremeux and cover with 3D design chocolate lid

Place the small chocolate showpiece on the center and arrange 6 pieces of 3D chocolate around.

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