Chocolate croissant

Raúl Bernal opts for the intensity of Maragda 70% couverture and the bitterness of cocoa nibs to create a chocolate croissant with intense flavour and unique character.


Created by
  • Raúl Bernal -

Ganache 70%

Ingredients Preparation
  • 645g
    35% UHT cream
  • 100g
    Invert sugar
  • 60g
  • 1,5g
    Fine salt
  • 100g
    Anhydrous butter
  • 0,5g
    Milk protein

Heat the cream with the sugars to 40ºC.
Dissolve the protein in the cream with the sugars
Melt the couverture at 40 ºC.
Pour a part of the cream over the couverture and emulsify.
Add the rest and finish emulsifying.
Add the butter at room temperature with the salt.
Perfect the emulsion.
Allow to crystallise covered with film in contact.
Fill the croissant.


Ingredients Preparation
  • g
    Chocovic cocoa nibs

Coat one side with Maragda chocolate couverture and cocoa nibs.

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