Exotic individual cake

Coconut, mango, lime, passion fruit... Lluís Costa was inspired by tropical flavours to create this exotic individual cake made with Opal white chocolate that will delight you with its delicate creaminess and intense coconut flavour.

Coconut Daquoise sponge cake

Ingredients Preparation
  • 600g
    egg white
  • 9g
    Powdered egg white
  • 135g
  • 90g
    Toasted almond flour
  • 210g
    grated dried coconut
  • 230g
    Icing Sugar
  • 150g
    weak flour
  • 1,6g
  • 75g
    coconut pulp
  • Using the Robot-Coupe, mix the toasted almond flour, salt, icing sugar and flour until a smooth mixture is obtained, then add the dried coconut.
  • Whisk the egg yolks, adding the sugar at the end of the whisking process.
  • Add the solid ingredients and the remaining coconut pulp. Spread out.
  • Bake at 290ºC for 10 minutes.

Exotic compote

Ingredients Preparation
  • 240g
    mango puree
  • 240g
    passion fruit purée
  • 40g
    invert sugar
  • 14g
    gelatin leaves
  • 280g
    Ripe banana cut into small cubes
  • 80g
    lemon juice
  • 1,6g
    lemon zest
  • 20g
  • Boil the purées, the sugar and the gelatin leaves.
  • Mix the lemon juice with the diced banana.
  • Mix everything together and place in the mould.

Coconut mousse

Ingredients Preparation
  • 550g
    coconut puree
  • 12g
    gelatin leaves
  • 1000g
    Semi-whipped whipping cream (35% fat content)
  • Boil the purée and add the previously hydrated and dry gelatin sheets.
  • Pour gradually over the chopped white chocolate until a correct emulsion is obtained.
  • Mix with the semi-whipped cream at about 32/34 ºC.

Creamy passion fruit and mango

Ingredients Preparation
  • 300g
    passion fruit purée
  • 300g
    mango puree
  • 180g
    egg yolks
  • 225g
  • 180g
  • 12g
    gelatin leaves
  • 200g
  • Boil the purées with the sugar and gelatin.
  • Add the egg and the yolks and bring to the boil.
  • At a temperature of 45ºC, add the creamed butter, emulsify and strain.


  • Pour the exotic fruit compote into a 5 cm diameter half-sphere mould and freeze.
  • Line a 6 cm diameter ring with acetate plastic. Place the 0.5 cm thick sponge cake on the bottom of the mould. 
  • Then pour 30 g of the creamy mango into each mould and freeze. To finish, pour out the coconut mousse and freeze for the final assembly.
  • Coat the half-sphere mould and the main mango coconut piece with neutral glaze. Submerge the main piece in chocolate and quickly coat it in coconut.
  • Decorate to taste.

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