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Discover our 4 TASTY and GOOD wholesome choices. We offer sweet solutions, special dietary solutions, an organic product range and super-food fillings and inclusions to make more healthy and nutritious products.

Globally, governments are driving people to more health awareness and encourage the use of healthier solutions. This has led to consumers showing a strong preference for foods that are healthy and nourishing.

To stay ahead of the game, Barry Callebaut now offers 4 different wholesome solutions for chocolate, cocoa or nut products, thanks to its long-standing wholesome program. Discover here our tasty and good wholesome choices.

  1. Reduce the baddies
  2. Special dietary solutions
  3. Make them organic
  4. Let the goodies stand out
Sweet Solutions - Wholesome Choice

Sweet solutions

Reduce the baddies by using our sweet solutions and address your consumers’ sugar related concerns. You can opt for gradual, partial or full sugar replacement while still having a great chocolate taste.


special dietary solutions wholesome choiche

Special dietary solutions

Use our ingredients that are lactose-free or without added dairy to give an alternative for intolerances or allergies. Everybody, also people with a vegan or gluten-free diet should be able to enjoy great tasting chocolate combined with health benefits.

Make Them Organic - Wholesome Choice

Make them organic

Organic products are very well perceived by consumers, young and old for their freshness and authenticity. What’s fresh, authentic and natural can only taste great.

Let the goodness stand out - Wholesome Choice

Let the goodies stand out

Focus on super-foods and ingredients that are naturally rich in goodness. These super-foods are inherently good and immediately give a healthier perception. Consumers truly enjoy and believe in the goodness of these ingredients. ​​​​

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