What's new 2017-18?

Discover delicious products from our wide range which are particularly on trend in 2017-2018.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next chocolate experience, stop by our BC STUDIO at ISM in Cologne, Germany. January 28 - 31, 2018

We will have a wide portfolio of chocolates, cocoa products, nuts, fillings, inclusions; decorations and more for you to discover and taste. This time we’ve selected products that address top 3 consumer needs today: 'Premiumization', 'Personalization’ and ‘Wholesome choice’.

Premium creations

To premiumize your creations, discover our chocolates with a story:

  • Wide range of Origin chocolates
  • Smooth and creamy Swiss chocolates
  • Divine caramel experience of Caramel Doré
Volcanos by Martin Diez


The consumer’s world is ‘Tailor Made’. At least that’s what they expect. Like their couch, car or holiday, their food sensations need to meet a consumer’s personality and enhance his or her self-actualization. At Barry Callebaut we offer ‘My chocolate dreams’ creations to satisfy consumers hunt for unique and personalized experiences.


Wholesome choice

Consumers are looking for chocolate experiences that are both tasty and good for them, healthier options without added sugars or free from dairy, but full of taste.

In our range we have:

  • Chocolates without added sugars
  • Organic chocolates and nuts
  • Bensdorp cocoa and chocolate powders: great way to create an intense chocolate experience without adding too much sugar
awesome fillings tartelets

Discover our trending products in the 'What’s New 2017-18’ catalog


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