By 2025 we will have 100% sustainable ingredients in all of our products

We make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025!
We source a variety of ingredients – dairy products, sugar, palm oil, soy lecithin, hazelnuts, vanilla, coconut oil, and, of course, cocoa.

In the coming years and decades, increasing demand, due to an increasingly growing and affluent world population, will create social and environmental sustainability challenges for the sourcing of these ingredients. To feed the growing world population, without depleting the world’s resources, the sustainable production of food stuffs must be scaled up from niche to norm.  

Barry Callebaut Forever Chocolate Targets - 100 Percent Sustainable Ingredients

Cocoa Horizons Foundation

Our HORIZONS cocoa and chocolate products are traceable from our warehouse all the way back to the individual farmer. The premiums from the purchase of HORIZONS products flow to the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, which funds farmer training in good agricultural practices, farmer support, innovative finance solutions, initiatives to protect children, access to education, women’s empowerment and basic health services.  

Empowering vanilla farmers in Madagascar 

Together with partners, we are working to diversify and stabilize revenues of vanilla farmers in Madagascar by increasing the levels of vanilla curing at farm level, diversifying their crops through the introduction of cocoa farming and supporting the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).​​​​​​

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Barry Callebaut has been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil since 2011. By 2020, 100% of our palm oil will be sustainably certified.

Forever Chocolate - Making sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025!

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