By 2025 we will be carbon and forest positive

We make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025!
Deforestation is one of the biggest causes of global warming. It emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the “slash and burn” method for clearing forests, and at the same time reduces the amount of trees that will absorb carbon dioxide.

Climate change has a severe impact on the world in general and agricultural regions in particular. Droughts mean that farmers can no longer rely on the rainfall that’s crucial to farming. And on top of all of this, deforestation leads to soil degradation, accelerating the downward spiral. If the industry does not commit to reducing its carbon footprint and achieve zero net deforestation in its supply chain, the ecosystem that provides chocolate ingredients will rapidly erode.  

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Energy Champions 

Since 2009 we have managed to reduce our relative energy use and carbon emissions by 20%. In the coming years, we expect to make further reductions. At more than 75% of our production facilities, we have appointed an energy champion who will lead on-site energy saving measures. In the coming years, we will introduce an energy champion at all of our sites.  

Our approach to agroforestry and deforestation

With our commitment to being forest and carbon positive by 2025, we are applying locally adapted agroforestry systems and practices where cocoa trees are integrated with other planting trees for various benefits. 

On our way to being forest positive, we are not only committing to no further gross deforestation, without deduction for reforestation or other offset,  but also forest restoration and large-scale tree planting. We have outlined our comprehensive approach in our deforestation policy.


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Forever Chocolate - Making sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025!

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