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150 years of industry innovation
The Barry Callebaut Group sets the standard for innovation in chocolate and cocoa. Here, a look back at some of the Barry Callebaut Group’s innovative products and services:


Nestlé Japan launched KITKAT™ Sublime Ruby

Nestlé Japan launched KITKAT™ Sublime Ruby in January 2018 as the first consumer product application. The interest in the new chocolate bar was beating all expectations, and the success was overwhelming. Meanwhile, further applications for ruby chocolate are hitting the market, allowing chefs and artisans across the globe to play with the unique taste and the special color. These new applications include our global Gourmet brand Callebaut launching RB1 in Hong Kong, Australia, and Belgium. With its all-round fluidity, RB1 is perfect for a wide range of applications ranging from confectionery moulding and enrobing to pastry mousses and much more. In addition, Carma, our Swiss Gourmet brand, has launched Ruby Rubina, a ruby product that inspires the creativity of chefs, artisans, and bakers to delight their customers.


80 years after the launch of White chocolate as the third type after Dark and Milk, Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, reveals the fourth type in chocolate ‘Ruby’ which is made from the Ruby cocoa bean. Ruby chocolate has an intense taste and characteristic reddish color.

Barry Callebaut Ruby Chocolate Innovation

Ruby Chocolate launch in Shanghai, September 2017

Ruby Chocolate Launch Shanghai November 2017


Barry Callebaut Caramel Doré Chocolate Innovation

Caramel Doré Chocolate is the latest addition to the traditional range of dark, milk and white chocolates of the Barry Callebaut portfolio.
Caramel Doré, the only premium Belgian caramelized chocolate, can be turned into confectionery applications, ice cream and desserts to create multi-flavor and multi-texture sensations.


Launch of new chocolate and compound recipes with a higher thermo-tolerance

With increasing demand for chocolate products in warmer climates, the Barry Callebaut Group launched new chocolate and compound chocolate recipes with an improved thermo-tolerance. We now can make chocolate that remains solid at temperatures as high as 38°C before melting - about four degrees warmer than standard chocolate - without compromising on taste.




Extension of the Health Claim on ACTICOA® products

Following the positive Scientific Opinion issues by EFSA in May 2014, the European Commission also granted Barry Callebaut the right to use the health claim that “cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow” for applications in capsules and tablets containing high-flavanol cocoa extract for a period of five years.

Optimization of the cocoa fermentation process with a newly developed yeast

The Barry Callebaut Group, VIB (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology) and KU Leuven (University of Leuven), with the support of IWT (Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology-Flanders), managed to improve the process of cocoa fermentation. Building on techniques inspired by Belgian brewers, the researchers developed a special yeast. With the new yeast, we will now be able to customize the flavor development of cocoa to the specific needs and wants of our customers more than ever.

The Barry Callebaut Group awarded with a new patent on reduced fat chocolate

With this patent, the Barry Callebaut Group continues to broaden its innovation-based product offering of reformulated products. The company is now able to offer its customers an additional solution for products with a better energy balance and an improved composition.

Barry Callebaut Comete Project Innovation


Barry Callebaut Chocolate Health Claim Innovation

Group obtains the right from the EU Commission to use a health claim on its ACTICOA® products

Based on over 20 human clinical studies, Barry Callebaut obtained the right from the EU Commission to use the health claim on its ACTICOA® cocoa powders and dark chocolates that “cocoa flavanols support a healthy blood flow” – the first such health claim in the cocoa and chocolate industry. The company’s ACTICOA® process preserves up to 80% of the naturally present cocoa flavanols, which are destroyed in conventional chocolate-making processes.


EFSA approval to extend existing health claim for cocoa extract products

Barry Callebaut received a positive Scientific Opinion issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on the background data to extend their existing health claim to cocoa extract products. 

Expansion of cooperation with the Jacobs University

To strengthen our leadership position, Barry Callebaut expanded the cooperation with the Jacobs University and launched the six-year project COMETA. It is aimed at precisely analyzing and classifying the manyfold chemical component of the cocoa bean. The knowledge gained will be used to develop new quality tests for our most important raw material.

Barry Callebaut Acticoa Innovation


Group obtains the right from the EU Commission to use a health claim on its ACTICOA® products

Based on over 20 human clinical studies, Barry Callebaut obtained the right from the EU Commission to use the health claim on its ACTICOA® cocoa powders and dark chocolates that “cocoa flavanols support a healthy blood flow” – the first such health claim in the cocoa and chocolate industry. The company’s ACTICOA® process preserves up to 80% of the naturally present cocoa flavanols, which are destroyed in conventional chocolate-making processes.


Free-from products

The Barry Callebaut Group offers a ‘free-from’ range including     dairy-free chocolate, as well as alternative sweetener solutions such as its Sweet by Fruits™ chocolate – a chocolate integrating a sweetening solution entirely derived from fruits.



The Barry Callebaut Group launched the first real chocolate innovation for ice cream inclusions called ChocMelts™, a new generation of soft melting ice cream chocolate bites. They can be melted together with ice cream for a much richer, more intense flavor experience. Unlike standard compound-based drops, the Barry Callebaut Group’s innovative ChocMelts™ inclusions are the first ever to be made from 100% chocolate, offering the unmistakably intense flavor and texture of genuine chocolate.


A method to control and optimize cocoa fermentation

The fermentation of cocoa beans is a spontaneous process in the bush or on the cocoa farm which leaves up to 20% of the beans defective. The Barry Callebaut Group has been able to develop a method to control and optimize cocoa fermentation. This technique involves adding a 100% natural fermentation mixture at the start of the process. The result is zero-defect beans, which are of a homogenous color and rich aroma.


Chocolate sweetened with fruit

In response to increasing consumer demands for chocolate with ingredients from natural sources, the Barry Callebaut Group introduced ‘Sweet by Fruits™’. This is the first chocolate on the market wholly sweetened by natural fruit sugars derived entirely from fruits, without compromising the exquisite taste of high-quality Barry Callebaut chocolate. The fruit sugars function as an alternative sweetening solution, thus replacing the refined sugar in chocolate. This chocolate does not contain any added refined sugar or added artificial sweeteners.


Chocolate with Stevia

The Barry Callebaut Group offers the sweetness extracted from Stevia leaves in chocolate with no added sugars. The chocolates sweetened with Stevia extract are sweetened with a sweetener solution containing among others a natural extract (steviol glycocides) from the Stevia plant; which is great news for consumers who want to enjoy an indulgent treat and at the same cut down on sugars or replace them.


Lactose-free milk chocolate

The Barry Callebaut Group launched a new lactose-free milk chocolate, which was first sold in the company’s European region. This is a guaranteed 100% dairy free alternative to milk chocolate in industrial quantities. The new chocolate differs from existing offerings by using a special skimmed milk powder with the lowest lactose content available on the market. With this particular powder, Barry Callebaut can allow higher amounts of milk powder in its recipe to preserve all the goodness from the milk- resulting in a similar taste to regular milk chocolate. This new 100% dairy free milk chocolate alternative is the perfect solution for people suffering from milk allergy or lactose intolerance who previously were unable to enjoy the indulgence of milk chocolate.


Tooth-friendly chocolate

Daskalidès and Chocolaterie Smet, two Belgian chocolate makers active both in Belgium and abroad, are the first in the world to release tooth friendly chocolate products onto the market. Tooth friendly chocolate is a new innovation courtesy of Barry Callebaut Group. This development offersa specially processed tooth friendly chocolate sweetened with isomaltulose, one of a new generation of sugars that are safe for teeth. Barry Callebaut Group's tooth friendly chocolate is clinically tested, endorsed by dentists and is the first sugars-based chocolate to meet the criteria for the Happy Tooth quality seal.


A new, healthier type of sugar-reduced chocolate

While many sugar-reduced or sugar-free products replace sugar with polyols (sugar alcohols), which can have a laxative effect, Barry Callebaut Group’s sugar-reduced chocolate replaces part of the sugar with the cocoa bean’s dietary fibers. These fibers offer many health-related benefits in comparison to sucrose, such as a lower caloric content, an improved digestive effect, and reduced risk of dental cavities.


A revolutionary new form of cocoa butter

A powdered form of cocoa butter designed to help chefs temper chocolate more quickly, Cacao Barry’s Mycryo is convenient to use and can also be used in professional cooking to bring out the natural flavor and aroma of food.  The product also offers healthful benefits, as it is cholesterol-free and has fewer calories and less fat than regular cocoa butter.


First chocolate brand to introduce single-origin chocolate

Thanks to its presence in Africa, Cacao Barry is able to bring to market distinct single-origin chocolates – fine chocolate made with a single cocoa bean variety grown and harvested in a specific region of the world.


Easy to dose Callets™

Small, flat discs of chocolate, Callets™ are a unique product that comes pre-tempered (heated and cooled to the right temperature in order to use for coating or dipping).  They can be dosed and melted easily and can save chefs from having to chop large bars or chunks of chocolate into smaller pieces.  This one-of-a-kind chocolate product was introduced to meet the specific needs of chocolate artisans around the world.


First chocolate brand to offer personalized support for food professionals

The world-famous Academy Cacao Barry, led by trained technical advisors, provided culinary professionals with information on the latest trends, recipes and techniques.  Today, the tradition continues at the Barry Callebaut Group’s sixteen Chocolate Academies throughout the world.


Baking sticks for insertion into all types of pastries

This new bake-stable form of chocolate helped popularize the famous pains au chocolat, a French puff pastry filled with chocolate.


First company to produce liquid chocolate couverture

Made using a revolutionary process invented by Frans Callebaut, the liquid Belgian chocolate couverture (high-quality confectioners’ chocolate made with a high percentage of cocoa butter) helped lower the cost of chocolate by eliminating the need for chocolate to be solidified first in blocks, tablets or bars. The new liquid form made it possible to integrate chocolate in a whole new range of food products.

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