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The Barry Callebaut Group strives to maximize the sensory experience and functional properties of its products.
Cocoa and chocolate are pure indulgences; their appeal is the promise of a moment of gratification and pleasure. Taste and flavor are crucial. They are enhanced and differentiated through a range of various structures and textures. Together, these attributes provide the decadent experience that chocolate is loved for.

The Barry Callebaut Group strives to maximize the sensory experience and functional properties of its products. By offering a portfolio of indulgent products with tailored structure, texture and sensory attributes, we answer and fulfill the needs of our customers for product differentiation. These attributes are not only utilized to create unique products, but also to increase the longevity of the product. For example, the Barry Callebaut Group’s prolonged shelf-life innovation allows products to be distributed and sold in markets that were previously not possible.

Frédéric Depypere, Barry Callebaut's Material Science Manager
Frédéric Depypere, Barry Callebaut's Material Science Manager
“Chocolate products are enjoyed worldwide for their unique sensory experience. Taste, flavor, texture and mouth-feel are the key elements to meet customer and consumer expectations. I am truly convinced that innovation in this area will shape the chocolates of tomorrow.”

Anti-bloom barrier

Avoiding fat bloom – a whitish discoloration on the surface of chocolate - has always been a challenge for the chocolate industry. This whitish layer affects the appearance of the chocolate, although the product is still fine to consume. To prevent enrobed and filled-by-mold chocolates from early blooming, the Barry Callebaut Group developed a “cocoa barrier” that is placed between the filling and the inside of the outer-chocolate layer. Tests conducted up to one year after production showed that the chocolate products with a cocoa barrier did not bloom whilst the control chocolate products (without the protection) showed pronounced bloom. 

Barista products

Indulgent chocolate drinks based on chocolate powder are also being researched at the Barry Callebaut Group. Chocolate powder - instead of cocoa powder - that is richer, creamier, and more easily mixed, and cocoa drinks which have no residual sediment are just a few topics of innovation within this area.


Enriching confectionary, ice cream and desserts with dynamic or contrasting inclusions provides great possibilities for consumers with multi-flavor or multi-texture sensation product requirements. Recent examples of such innovations are caramelized nibs, nuts and almonds inclusions, producing their typical rich flavor and a perfect crunchy texture in one-shot applications. When it comes to inclusions the Barry Callebaut Group devotes great attention to the fit and stability of this application (fat-based or water-based), making a wide range of bake-stable products available.

Thermo-tolerant chocolate

Barry Callebaut developed new ways to make chocolate more heat-resistant. This breakthrough innovation allows us to better serve the demand for our chocolate and compound chocolate products in warmer climates.

Making chocolate more heat-resistant

Barry Callebaut is making chocolate more heat resistant

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