Vanilla mango hot & cold

Hazelnut crumble

Ingredients Preparation
  • 30g
    brown sugar
  • 30g
  • 30g
  • 30g
    hazelnut powder

Mix with flat whisk.
Once homogeneous, sieve mixture.

  • 30g
    chopped hazelnuts

Add to mixture..

Deep freeze, crumble on a tray and bake at 160°C for 12 min.

Mango cubes

Ingredients Preparation
  • 300g

Peel off and cut 8 mm dices.
Keep for presentation.

Vanilla soft cream

Ingredients Preparation
  • 250g
  • 50g
    egg yolks
  • 30g
    cream powder
  • 75g
    caster sugar
  • 1pod(s)

Make a crème patissière.

  • 60g
    gelatin mass

Add once melted.

  • 400g
    soft whipped cream


Put in piping bag.

Hot chocolate sauce

Ingredients Preparation
  • 200g
  • 100g

Mix and heat up.

  • 200g
    Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Dark Couverture Chocolate Guayaquil 64% (CHD-P64EXBG-126)

Melt and add.

  • 80g
    Callebaut® Almond & Hazelnut Praline (PRAMANO-T14)


Blend and keep hot.

Mango jelly

Ingredients Preparation
  • 200g
    mango puree

Heat until 50°C

  • 35g
    caster sugar
  • 7g
    potato starch

Add. Bring to a boil.

  • 30g
    gelatin mass

Add. Spread out in a 40x30 cm frame.

Cut 2 cm discs.

Used products

Ingredients Preparation
  • Cacao Barry Extra-Bitter Dark Couverture Chocolate Guayaquil 64% (CHD-P64EXBG-126)

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