Types of Carma® couvertures

Carma®’s wide couverture range is made up of a curated palette of exquisite flavours and stunning natural colours. From the fairest white to pitch black, our Swiss couverture chocolates allow you to create delicious and visually stunning recipes. Each type of couverture chocolate is crafted using the finest ingredients - responsibly sourced and carefully selected - to ensure perfect consistency in taste and colour.


All of our core couvertures are made in Switzerland and are UTZ, halal and kosher certified. They are the essential ingredients of every pastry kitchen - guaranteeing consistency in colour and flavour. In this range you will find the creamiest white, three signature Swiss milk chocolates and four darks with cocoa content from 50% to 70%.

Core range

Origin rare

Each of these couvertures is made using beans from only one country: Ecuador, Grenada, Madagascar or Venezuela. When using single-origin cocoa, the chocolate can retain its unique character and flavours of the terroir. This range offers you one milk chocolate that is made of only three ingredients as well as three dark chocolates with rich flavour profiles that take your imagination straight to their exotic roots.

Carma Origin Rare


specialities range

The stars of our specialities range come with unique and entirely natural colours, offering unparalleled workability and consistency. These couvertures are a result of intense research work and a great passion for chocolate to deliver extraordinary tools for you to work with. Only imagine what you could create with fairest white, golden, sensational ruby and black chocolates in your kitchen.

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