History of Carma from our Swiss chocolate masters

For nearly 90 years Carma’s Swiss chocolate masters have been creating ingredients of highest quality and workability to make lives of bakers and pastry chefs easier and better. Over almost nine decades Carma has been globally recognized for bringing extraordinary solutions and delivering finest Swiss quality in every product. Discover more about Carma’s chocolate history and our products that left their mark in the chocolate world.


Carl Maentler

Carl Maentler, an entrepreneurial spirit founds Carma in Zurich, using his apartment as office and production plant.


Old Carma Factory

Carl Maentler relocates from Zurich to Dübendorf, where our production facilities are still based to this day and date.


Along with its 30th anniversary, Carma is one of the first Swiss brands to enter the Asian market.


Carma increases its production capacity further and launches new products, one of which is the famous Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste - a sugar-based covering for cakes.

Massa Ticino Timeline


Barry callebaut logo

With the integration of Carma into Barry Callebaut, Carma becomes a truly global brand. Our legendary Swiss chocolate masters’ craftsmanship enhances Barry Callebaut’s competence and portfolio in the international market.


73 years after Carl Maentler moved away to Dübendorf, Carma relocates sales, marketing and administration back to Zurich, joining the headquarters of the Barry Callebaut Group.


Carma’s couverture “Milk Claire” receives a gold medal from the acclaimed “Accademia Maestria Pasticceri Italiani” for the “World’s Best Milk Chocolate”.

Worlds best chocolate


utz certified

Carma starts launching UTZ* certified Couvertures. After 82 years, Carma undergoes a visual redesign reflecting its global outlook with a local focus.

*UTZ Certified stands for sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet.


Carma launches nine exciting new Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste colours together with The Colour Mixing Guide allowing you to create over 60 unique shades.

Massa Ticino Sugar Paste Range



Carma launches the creamy caramel couverture “Gold Quintin 31%”. Its natural colour and flavour derive from caramelised milk, and not from added caramel.


Carma couvertures are now offered with halal, kosher dairy and UTZ Certification.

Kosher halal utz


Carma couverture_black_zabuye
Carma couverture black zabuye

Carma launches the blackest couverture on the market: “Black Zabuye 83%”. In the same year “Milk Ecuador 42%” is launched, consisting of only 3 ingredients: fine origin rare cocoa, Swiss milk and Swiss caster sugar.


Barry Callebaut releases the biggest innovation since white chocolate in 1930: the fourth chocolate type, ruby. With “Ruby Azalina™ 40%” Carma brings their own Swiss ruby chocolate to the market.


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