Why invest in Barry Callebaut?

Delivering sustainable profitable growth and creating long-term value for all stakeholders
Why invest in Barry Callebaut

Why invest in Barry Callebaut?

Delivering sustainable profitable growth and creating long-term value for all stakeholders
Barry Callebaut is the heart and engine for the global cocoa and chocolate industry. As the world's leading manufacturer, we are positioned in attractive markets with significant growth potential. Our strategy, to create the world's best chocolate solutions and our unique global footprint, positions us as the partner of choice for leading FMCGs and chocolate artisans alike. With our unparalleled blend of expertise in cocoa and chocolate, innovation capabilities and commitment to sustainability, we are ideally positioned to outgrow the market and create value for shareholders.

Leading with global scale, deep capabilities and high-quality relationships

Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading manufacturer of chocolate and cocoa products, mastering every step in the value chain from the sourcing of raw materials to the production of the finest chocolates. We serve the entire food industry, with long-standing customer relationships - from global and local food manufacturers to artisanal and professional users of chocolate. Innovation lies at the heart of Barry Callebaut's strategy, and our cutting-edge solutions help our customers grow. We are able to provide value-adding products and services adapted to specific market needs, ahead of consumer trends and at a competitive price.

Operating in attractive markets with significant runway for growth

We operate in the attractive, growing chocolate ingredients market, underpinned by favorable long-term trends. Global demand for chocolate is growing, supported by rising developed markets consumption, premiumization and increasing use of chocolate in end products. At the same time, end-consumers are demanding products that are good for the planet and their own well-being and our customers are increasingly relying on established chocolate suppliers. 

Long-standing commitment to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is integral to our strategy, with a long history of delivering positive impact at scale. We are committed to driving long-term systemic change toward a sustainable cocoa supply chain, with the support of our customers and to the benefit of all stakeholders. Our leadership in sustainability is evidenced by our unique program Forever Chocolate through which we aim to make sustainable chocolate the norm. Forever Chocolate is focusing on four pillars, addressing the material challenges in the cocoa and chocolate supply chain: Prospering Farmers, Human Rights, Thriving Nature and Sustainable Ingredients.

Unlocking the next phase of long-term growth and shareholder value creation

We have delivered robust growth for nearly 25 years. With BC Next Level, our strategic investment program through to 2025, Barry Callebaut is set to become even more customer-focused, agile and efficient. The program will move decision-making closer to our markets and customers while fostering simplicity and digitalization to advance our well-recognized innovation and sustainability approach to deliver additional value for all its stakeholders. 

BC Next Level will fully unlock the Group's leading position in the chocolate ingredients market in pursuit of four strategic long-term growth priorities: deepening outsourcing partnerships, launching Gourmet 2.0, scaling up Specialties and expanding our share in the APAC market. We are unlocking the full potential of Barry Callebaut for the decade to come and positioning the company to deliver sustainable profitable growth.

Right assets to take significant future market share
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