Our sustainable raw materials

sustainable raw materials

Our sustainable raw materials

We committed to having 100% sustainable ingredients in all of our products as part of our Forever Chocolate strategy. That means everything from cocoa to vanilla, from sugar to nuts; each and every ingredient in the products we sell.

While sustainability programs are different for each ingredient, and challenges vary across regions, we will start our quest by providing either certified or third-party verified sustainable ingredients where they exist today. We will work with our suppliers to explore programs when these don’t exist or don’t meet our requirements. And we will also rely on cross-industry expertise to help us achieve our targets, scale impact, and enjoy the chocolate we all love for many generations to come.

You can find our progress to date in our Forever Chocolate Report.

We are creating a movement to make sustainable chocolate the norm.

Customers can join us on this journey by purchasing sustainable products or partnering in sustainable programs in order to source more ingredients sustainably.

Our journey to 100% sustainable Ingredients

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