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Dark chocolate flavored ganache
Dark chocolate flavored ganache for glazing.
Dark chocolaty filling
Dark chocolate flavored filling with delicious cocoa flavor, perfect for marbled doughs. Certified RSPO MB.
Chocolate Truffle Ganache
Dark Chocolate Ganache
White Ganache
Almond Schmear - 20# pail
Ready-To-Use fillings are bake-stable
Cinnamon Schmear - 20# pail
Ready-To-Use fillings are bake-stable
Bakers Hungarian Lekvar - Six 8# cans
BAKERS HUNGARIAN LEKVAR is a natural prune puree made by cooking California-grown dried plums with sugar to make a smooth, thick and spreadable fruit butter. It is used to fill Danish pastries, kolachhy (kolache), hamantaschen, rugelach and sweet yeast breads. It can also be used as a spread directly from the can or pail for bread, rolls, toast or yogurt.

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