Caprimo NDC Whitener

Dissolves smoothly. Does more with less. Caprimo NDC Whitener is a non-dairy whitener with a creamy taste and perfect solubility. Its outstanding functionality makes it a fantastic substitute for milk. And due to its low dosage, it's very economical in use!

Key features

Sensory Profile

  • Sweet 222
  • whiteness 44444
  • foam 222


  • Dosage
    Coffee with milk, 150ml; 1-3 g
    Cappuccinos; 150 ml; 4-6 g
    Caffé Latte, 150 ml: 7-9 g


product SKU

Order codes
  • VM-15511-V46
    750g Bag | 10 Bags/Carton
    Shelf life: 18 months

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