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Ice Cream & Desserts

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Discover how to drive innovation in Ice cream in the different key applications such as sticks, cones, sandwiches, tubs and other formats. Unique added value solutions for the different elements in the product architecture

thanks our great selection of ingredients: cocoa & chocolate, decorations & inclusions, ripples & sauces and much more. How to understand consumer behavior and key trends in Ice cream market.

Trends & Insights

Ice cream sticks with chocolate and nuts

3 ways to reduce sugar in ice cream with chocolate

Consumers are increasingly demanding alternatives that contain less sugar. Discover three ways to reduce the sugar level in ice cream with chocolate, illustrated with market-specific examples.

Ice cream and Caramel are a delicious combination

4 ways to make ice cream delicious by starring caramel

Caramel and ice cream are a delicious combination. But have you ever thought of the different ways in which these two can go together?

Plan Craft Ice Cream at Barry Callebaut

The boom of plant-based ice cream

Plant-based ice cream is a growth opportunity not to miss. Discover inspiring launches, NPD strategies, and our delicious products.

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