Barry Callebaut Fast Facts About Chocolate

Fast facts about chocolate and cocoa

Did you know that cocoa and dark chocolate are completely cholesterol-free, and that you don’t get acne from eating chocolate?

Did you know that….

....cocoa may be a stronger antioxidant than red wine? 

Cocoa may counteract the oxidation that turns good cholesterol (HDL) into bad cholesterol (LDL). Some scientists suggest that cocoa flavonoids might have a stronger anti-oxidant effect than the flavonoids found in red wine.

Barry Callebaut praline from Sao Thomé chocolate
Barry Callebaut chocolate mousse dessert

…Napoleon was a chocoholic? 

Legend has it that French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte carried chocolate with him on all his military campaigns for a quick energy snack.​

…cocoa and dark chocolate are completely cholesterol-free?

Even milk chocolate and white chocolate contain only minimal quantities of cholesterol. These result from the addition of milk fats for taste and consistency.

Barry Callebaut chocolate Alto el Sol
Barry Callebaut Madagascar chocolate dessert

…you don’t get acne from eating chocolate?

The American Dietary Association and the American Academy of Dermatology currently discount any link between the consumption of chocolate and acne. No study has found evidence for chocolate as a cause of acne.

…chocolate means ‘bitter water’?

The word chocolate comes from the Aztec word “Xocoatl,” which literally translates to ‘bitter water’. That’s because the Aztecs used to make a cocoa drink without adding sugar or sweet ingredients.

Barry Callebaut chocolate pie
Barry Callebaut chocolate heart

…eating chocolate is more intense than passionate kissing?

The melting point of chocolate is just below your body temperature, so it melts in your mouth. Melting chocolate in your mouth raises brain activity and heart rate more intensely than passionate kissing, and lasts four times longer!​

…chocolate isn’t that bad for your teeth?

Chocolate does not promote tooth decay as much as other high-sugar foods do. An antibacterial agent that inhibits plaque formation has been found in chocolate. However, it doesn’t hurt to brush and floss after eating.​

Barry Callebaut chocolate dessert
Barry Callebaut chocolate tablets with nuts

…chocolate is toxic to dogs?

Pets – especially dogs – like chocolate as much as people do. But unlike people, dogs cannot efficiently break down the theobromine in chocolate. It can cause hyperexcitability, sweating, fever, increased respiration, and vomiting, or even lead to heart failure.

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