With 30 years of experience in creating the best chocolate decorations, chocolate transfer sheets and a love of color, we have something for every idea! Our in-house design team works year round to deliver a range of classic and on-trend designs for every season and occasion, and our chef ambassadors provide their creativity in a wealth of applications. Our catalogs are bursting at the seams with inspiration for all seasons!

Winter 2021-2022

It’s time for celebrations! And we have everything you need to make your Halloween and Christmas creations the perfect gifts. Let chocolate and pastries come to life this Halloween and taste the magic of Christmas in your kitchen with our collection of chocolate decorations, food colorants, creative supplies, and transfer sheets. 

For more than 30 years, we have collected and shared ways to make your creations extra special at IBC. Our love of chocolate inspires us to create the best colorants for printing and food color, as well as a selection of tools that help you make your creative dreams come true. Our chocolate decorations are made with premium Belgian chocolate, and together, they turn every occasion into a celebration!

Your work deserves the best ingredients. Good ingredients have the magic to transform foods into something wonderful. That’s why our chocolate supports the Cocoa Horizons Foundation and why you will find ingredients From Natural Origin in our printing colors and food colorants. Pine green, autumn orange and holly red, based on concentrates of spirulina, apple, blackcurrant and more. Natural colors help you create extraordinary experiences!

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Winter 2021-2022 Catalogue
Spring 2022 catalogue

Spring 2022

Springtime is coming! Our Easter collection sets the scene for joy and fun. Easter eggs, buzzing bees, vibrant flowers, and happy Easter bunnies add a sweet touch to all kinds of celebrations. With the delightful fragrance of chocolate in the air, romance is never too far away. Hearts and kisses bring a lovely glow to your sweet surprises for Valentine's Day. 

This love for chocolate, celebrations, and color has always been at the very heart of what we do. We strive to produce the most honest and colorful solutions on the market. Therefore you will find that nearly 80% of our products are From Natural Origin From Natural Origin, and free from titanium dioxide. This range of colors is based on concentrates of fruits, flowers and vegetables. 

We invite you to join us in a celebration of Spring!

The Color Cuisine 

At IBC, we have had a taste for decorations and food colorants for over 30 years, and we keep on coming back for more. Whether it’s chocolate, pastries, ice cream, or desserts, we know how to make your sweet creations extra special, all year round. But it’s not only the outside that counts; what’s in it is just as important. Our new colors From Natural Origin show that great ingredients create great color!

Our printing colors and transfer sheets bring out the best in chocolate, and our E-free colored cocoa butters are a vibrant addition to any creation. We complete our new range with innovations like Titanium Dioxide-free colors and the Chocolate Originals collection, made from our sustainable chocolate and nothing more.

What are you waiting for? This catalog brings more than 100 pages full of new, innovative decorations and chef’s creations to amaze and inspire you.

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The Color Cuisine 3 Cover

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