Once the cacaofruit is opened, the seeds (also known as beans) appear, encapsulated by a white juicy pulp. Just like any other fruit, the cacaofruit contains a delicious, nutritious pulp. The cacaofruit powder is obtained from this fruity pulp blended with cocoa powder

The Cacaofruit Powder: unlock the next generation of pralines

Made from 100% pure cacaofruit, Upcycled Certified cacaofruit pulp and natural cocoa powder, the cacaofruit powder brings the characteristic fresh fruitiness of the cacaofruit pulp to your creations. Cabosse Naturals’ cacaofruit powder is the first free flowing powder on the market, so very easy to process.

Thanks to its fruity taste and natural sweetness, it can replace refined sugar in fat based fillings. Because it's made from Upcycled Certified cacaofruit, it also empowers consumers to make an impact with every bite.

cacaofruit powder

Perfect taste pairings for your creations

Although the brown color of the powder could suggest otherwise, the cacaofruit powder has a unique fruity flavor. Thanks to its natural sweetness, it can be used as (partial) sugar replacement. Imagine for instance a delicious cacaofruit praline with a unique fruity filling crafted from upcycled cacaofruit pulp.

Fruits and berries such as raspberries are an excellent pairing with the cacaofruit powder. They bring a touch of acidity that enhances the freshness of the powder.

Nuts and cacaofruit powder are also a powerful match. Macadamia brings a subtle nutty balance to the fresh fruitiness of the cacaofruit powder. Always prefer low roasted nuts to obtain a perfect balance with the freshness of the powder.

cacaofruit pralines

Lead the low waste revolution and make a positive impact

held up upcycled certified cacaofruit

Make it easy for consumers to participate in the upcycled food movement, and use cacaofruit powder in your recipe. By using the upcycled cacaofruit ingredients, you're able to apply an Upcycled Certified™ mark on the packaging of your products.

Through this mark, your consumers know they are buying a product with upcycled food ingredients and are making a positive contribution to the planet. The mark helps them make an informed choice in their purchases. 

Discover the cacaofruit powder applications

Discover the extraordinary possibilities of our cacaofruit powder in the realms of confectionery, bakery, and pastry. Whether you're perfecting decadent chocolates or creating delicate pastries, our recipe booklets are crafted to inspire and guide you. Each booklet brims with creative uses that highlight the versatility and rich flavor profile of cacaofruit powder, transforming your sweet creations into unforgettable indulgences.

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